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Application for recruitment: Tyrome Biggums

Tyrome Biggums

New Member
Name: Albert
Age: (Must be over 18!) 19
Location: Elk Grove, CA.
In Game nickname/nicknames: Bert
Your favorite hobby: welding/smoking reefer
Your favorite movie: 7 Psychopaths/How High
Games you play: (Besides CS:S) battlefield, league, cod, alotta shit on steam,.
How many hours a week are you online: never thought about recording my hours butt lets just say a shit ton.
Your previous squad/team: (Squad/Clans that you previously joined) never joined one before
Why did you leave your last squad: (If applicable)
How long have you been playing in our server: just found it. use to play in your guy's server when i played source.
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: seems like it'd be fun to join
Tell us about you: i'm a stoner, love video games, cats, pizza, tumblrs my shit, taco


The 47 Ronin
Welcome to the forums good sir!! Stick around and let us get to know you a bit. Like kami said its a long process but you stick to being active and im sure you will do just fine.

Into welding huh? Got a buddy at WCC taking a welding class. Seems fun. Hes going to make a roll cage for my car for me when hes done. He promised!!

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The 47 Ronin
Ahhh Shiieet, welcome fellow stoner :), How high definitely one of the the best stoner movies of all time!

Also gotta hit me up on league, we play some games with some of the other member's!


Staff member
Thanks for your interested in The 47 Ronin, be sure to stay active on the forums (post a lot) and also be active on the server.