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Application for css


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Name: Jay
Age: 22
Location:Albuquerque, NM
In Game nickname/nicknames: LazySmoka
Your favorite hobby: clubbin
Your favorite movie: scary movie
Games you play: CSS of course and OutWar
How many hours a week are you online: could be on from 5 to 10 hours a day so like 60 hrs a week?
Your previous squad/team: Gay Porn, or now called Sexy Pronz,
Why did you leave your last squad: i didn't leave it still in it but they aren't active anymore, so i just want to join a clan where its active.
How long have you been playing in our server:2 months off and on not much yet
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: the clan name sounds cool and you guys are good and active i just wanna get more better and play with an active clan where i can learn more exp and u guys are awesome.
Tell us about you: 22, go to school work part time.


Staff member
Looks like you were trying to post this in the wrong section.
I went ahead and moved this to the right section now.

Thanks for your interest in applying for The 47 Ronin, our recruitment is currently closed but we may consider re-opening recruitment in the near future.
Be sure to stay active on our game servers and website.


Captain Cap

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Be sure to stay active on our game servers and website.
Haha Ice is super srs about this. He says it to everyone who applies and so it feels to me like it might not hit most people, but the community, in game and out of game, is very important to him. Contribute substance to the forum and we will like you a lot.


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Lazy, only 2 posts by you and all of them were made in this app, you will have to improve your overall community activity.
Last time you were on was a week ago.
That doesn't show me that you want to be seriously in The 47 Ronin.
Please don't waste our time and we won't waste yours.