Apple orders 90 million iPhone 6 from Foxconn

sorry bro... the lg g2 is just as good. i changed from the s3 to the lg g2... and the processor is crazy... i think you have the same processor
They have the same chipset but there is a great deal of low level optimisation... Spelling?... The processor in the nexus 5 runs at lower voltages and clocks and normally not a phone for benchmarks

I will most likely get the '' nexus 6'' if it has the 64bit snapdragon 805 or the tegra K1 64bit with project Denver

The new s5 will have the 801 and will be slightly faster then both... I enjoy the stock android experience.. I have never noticed any lag or stuttering

And now I am totally off topic

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I have a 4s I've been happy with it and I saw no real factor to upgrade to a 5. If the iphone 6 fails just like the 5 I will definitely crossover to android.

I've been wanting to for a while, but the user interface will be something to get use to. Apple is losing its innovation now - there are no new ideas that genuinely interest me.

sorry apple, but u are going downhill, people only really buy you to show off ( atleast in Asian countries that's all good for).


The 47 Ronin
LG G2 = Nexus 5 (w/ some LG specific apps and that one button on the back)
+ huge battery.
Honestly, anything with the Snapdragon 800 or better is a winner. I'm slightly jealous when I see a Note 3 walk by, but I love the G2...still waiting for KitKat (+1 for Nexus).
I feel the Samsung S# are in the same boat now as the iPhones where you're already feeling outdated. I just saw a Galaxy S4 commercial this week and the S5 is coming out. My Dad just got the S3 a couple of months ago! :( I don't even want to point out he's already 2 generations old, but he finally ditched his Blackberry so anything's better. :p

I read tech news every day, but I haven't kept up in reading the leaks if there's going to be 2 or more screen size options. Some people want bigger screens, but if they went large-only, that'll scare off a lot of iPhone fans as well.