anyone own a five seven?


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If you looking for a reliable proven pistol that is very accruate I would recommend a Browning High Power 9mm. I have one and alot of SF guys through out the world use this as a seconday weapon. I have owned one for about 13 years now and it has never had a single malfunction or misfeed in over 3000 rounds fired no matter what the ammo used. Outside of that if your looking for a pistol with a little more stopping power then I would go with a 1911 .45 or a .40 cal glock or sig. All of the weapons are less than 1k and are very well suited for self defence and as a pratical shooter. I personaly sayed away from the .45's as they are expensive to shoot but then again I have a M4 AR variant for my primary but choose this becasue of my familarity with the weapon and the ability to modify it with many more goodies unlike the AK which has an akward mounting system for reflex sites and other attachments.