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Anyone have a Galaxy S9+?


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I love the functionality of the Note series of phones but their massive size is a major turn-off for me. Just make me a nice sized, massive battery 4K MAH + and with a decent resolution screen. I don't need ten cameras, never use them or cinema quality screens don't watch videos often enough to care.

I think I would take the magic beans over the ear buds, another trend I find weird. People walking around appearing to talk to themselves, I prefer my homeless people actually homeless :-P


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congrats! ...and i still got my 6s+, w/ original battery, too! It barely lasts a full day now, though. :cry: one more year i think. ;) i'm running out of space soon (10GB free out of 128GB, lol).


The 47 Ronin
Might just keep this thread going. I usually wait every other year, but I'm switching back to a Pixel (Pixel 6 Pro).
Should arrive next week.

It's frustrating that every review praises cameras and the samples are almost always shots of perfectly still (inanimate) objects.
Real-world tests would be to try to take a clear indoor picture of a toddler. So far, no camera can pull that off for me. Maybe the Face Unblur feature might save the day (not likely).