Anti Rape Condom = WIN! :D

This have been made a long time ago and never caught on for a big reason.

If the man that is going to rape you gets really hurt, he will probably end up just killing you instead.
It was some women's psychologist that started talking about how it would invoke the rapist to do harm back to you while he already has you vulnerable.
While I am totally against rape, and find it to be a vile disrespect of an individual's rights... I have to ask why do YOU want one so badly?
Is it just because it looks cool?

ace ninja

The 47 Ronin
well everything got their good side and bad side. so if you think your the person that jog at night and in dark area why not wear one. even if your rape it is only a single push before he is in pain unless he love pain and keep going. also after that since he is in pain you have all the time in the world to call the cops since he wont be able to walk or run.
I think its great for the use of women in Africa where rape is so prominent. I would never get one, it was a joke. I don't feel threatened enough to ever get one.


The 47 Ronin
.. just put a different object in (like a stick he found on the floor) to test it out...
haha like a spring-loaded bear trap. I'd imagine the stick would have to be a decent girth. Hmm..might be a bonus for "smaller" guys. It might not latch on. :p