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AMD more bang for my buck at the moment.
I don't believe this is true anymore since Intel's Sandybridge was released. The i3 2100 will out perform any AMD in its price range and you could find the i3 2100 as low as $99. But if your talking about multi tasking then that might be a different story.
I also belive the Intel's Ivorybridge is compatible with the Sandybridge chipset so it looks like its more future proof than AMD atm. ( so I've read, could be wrong though).
Until I see AMD Bulldozer's benchmarks I'm sticking with Intel.


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I'm sure there's plenty of $1 cpus out there that can run linux. :D
That's the beauty of Linux. You can run Linux on any x86 (even other CPU's actually) on text/shell command mode. It's another thing to run the GUI though on older PC's.


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I've been using AMD for most of my personal computers. I just don't have the money for intel
Yeah, me too. I used them for my flightsims when they were popular back then. I would build an inteL system though just for the heck of it.