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AMD Ryzen 9 3900x


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God is it good to see this website up again. I tried late last year and it was not online and thought it had been shut down.

I had a mishap with my system and am posting from my ten year old system until parts arrive on Monday. I went with the 3900x and another water cooled solution with an Asrock board and using everything else the same except using two Aurus NVME 2TB drives I will bond in Windows into a single drive for simplicity. This 3900x will definitely outperform on both gaming and desktop apps compared to the Intel 6850 it is replacing but was just jonesing to jump into the AMD camp I have not participated in for over a decade, pretty cool. The Intel 9900KS is interesting and is the higher IPC for gaming but for anything that multi-threads AMD is seriously kicking some ass and with fourth gen coming out in early 2020, Intel is not only feeling the heat their ass is being lit on fire currently with massive price drops across the board, good times for consumers. I am dying to see what Intel comes up with in the next couple years to take back the crown as you know they will. Finally some serious competition driven markets in the CPU arena.