For Sale AMD Opteron 6128 and 6136 (8 cores each)


The 47 Ronin
I knew it's hard to sell these here but heck!!! there might be some crazy 47Ronins like me, Who want to feel 32 cores of fire power? :)
Bought these recently for a 4x Processors build (Total of 32 cores system) but i decided to go another route so it's up for sale.
I am loosing a little money on these even though I had them at a good price :(

PayPal and MO and to US only
14 days no DOA

3x AMD Opteron 6128 (8 cores) = $105 shipped each
1x AMD Opteron 6136 (8 cores) = $115 shipped


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I hesitated a wee bit clicking on that link expecting a disguised Rickroll. Just kidding. Woow! You're right. I won't like it. It's for servers. Post your CPU's on eBay... someone out there may want them.


The 47 Ronin
Here's a "needle in a haystack" = open trade for a 4x Processors Motherboard lol :)

My 12 cores CPUs are coming so I need a mobo for them ASAP :(