AMD FX processors are LAUNCHED!!

It is a nice cpu, can't go wrong and like the amd cpu's you no need to upgrade for a while. Hell the 3 year old i7 920 is still by no means at all out dated by gaming standards, for a real money saver, you can pick up that cheap.
i still have my amd phenom 2 x4 940 black edition, I just wish I could overclock it, but my mobo is complete garbage and I blue screen when trying to overclock it or my ram.


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I'm el Cheapo, so I go for AMD. Like SG said, in gameplay, hard to tell. Maybe a balanced machine would be better? You get bragging rights though with inteL cpu.


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these prices are going to get even lower, the 8150's sold out on newegg in a jiffy.
but i have to wait anyway to get the 8150. ive other things to buy and yada yada
not to mention working out of town... kinda kills the dick on this for