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Aloha I'm Sareena!

I love playing in both your Source and GO! I lived in San Diego most of my life and recently moved to Washington. So I took a couple of years off from gaming and just recently got back on beginning of the year. I work full-time for a high end company. I love gaming, football, shooting real guns at any shooting range, Star Wars and the Marvels Cinematic Universe (I even have all the events entered in an Excel spreadsheet lol!) the only "girly" thing about me is how I dress (only skirts and dresses) and my polynesian dancing. I came from a competitive group in SD but I plan to compete solo next year, wish me luck! Also, I currently don't have a mic but will get one soon. See ya around!

Mahalo nui loa!


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daygo? navy brat? :p anyhow, welcome! see you in source, if you still play... oh yah, quite a few of us are up there in washington, btw.


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Hi there, welcome to the forums! Glad to hear you enjoy playing on both of our servers. Unfortunately I rarely play in pub servers, mainly MM, trying to rank up so I can play in ESEA.

Looking forward seeing you hanging around our site more often. :)

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Hi Sareena, welcome to the forums. I have seen you on our server from time to time as well as other servers. Thanks for taking your time to come on our forums and playing on our server.