lol if you havent gotten drunk yet.,.. you have to, not everyone gets out of control drunk, infact ive never been that drunk, only a bit stumbly some times... seriously, if you havent dranken, just grab a 40 oz of some beer and drink it. you wont get shitty, but youll get a decent drunk. no point in not trying it, your not gonna fuck anything up lol.
smoking, ehh if u havent done it, dont... its not that great.


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I have never had a drop of alcohol in my life. I'm 24 a full time college student and in the Marines so by all accounts I should be an alcoholic by now.

As for why, its a combo of a few of reasons.
1)Control. The idea of being in a situation where I have limited my own control and influence does not sound fun. In addition I don't like being reliant on other (also drunk) people to keep me out of trouble. I also love to drive and not driving isnt cool. DD for life.
2) Money: HOLY SHIT LIQUOR IS EXPENSIVE....I'm a cheap bastard so this is becoming more and more my main reason.
3) Pretty sure I would be either a)violent drunk or b) mean says awful things to girls type drunk.
4)Watched a fair share of my friends hurt themselves and others while under the influence of alcohol, its just not worth it. A friend of mine who I had a huge crush on wrapped her car around and pole and died while driving drunk. We were both 16 at the time.
Wow Saint i would agree on #1 3 4

Number 2 however can be bended sometimes XD I would never exceed one bottle and that is the budget limit i set for myself although im not much of a drinker usually get a coke or something most of the time :p

Hmm first time i tasted anything alcoholic was a beer in 10 when i asked my dad to take a sip. Wasnt too bad but didnt want to drink it again XD But i love to drink white wines and champagnes :D
First taste of alcohol was at Catholic Church when I was young, can't remember age.

Started drinking at 14 and haven't stopped since. Just love alcohol too much haha. Used to smoke cigs, not anymore. Used to do a lot of drugs, now I smoke pot on occasion.

Those of you who do drink what do you drink? The only thing I don't really like is tequila but when I go to Mexico I drink it cause its the cheapest thing there. Love me Guinness!

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Didn't drink till it was 21. Rarely ever drink, maybe a glass of wine over a game of scrabble in the evening, but that's about it. Liquor is expensive and I hate driving to bars or taking taxis to bars.
alchohol is only expensive if you get it at a bar... then its retarded, go buy it yourself, a 40oz is 3-5 bucks, thats all you need for one person, unless your trying to get super shitty, then 2 .


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The first time I tasted Alcohol was when I was 7....I blacked out.
I am not sure what I drank, but something strong...
First time I tasted alcohol, I was 8 or 9. I was at a friends house eating something that was really hot, tacos I think. My friend's mom left a glass of vodka at the table which I mistook for water. The ensuing burn scared me for life, until I got to high school that is. ;)

EDIT: I just realized, I turn 21 in exactly one month! YAY, it'll be easier to buy alcohol!