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I am new to reporting and dont know how to create demo...demos were useless back in the day unless you had hacks installed and could see people tracing and such. Now they have built in x-ray to help. But anyways he was aimbotting and when accused by players he just left.


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demo's were never useless. still i will support his claim for ATLEAST a week ban. if the scrubs innocent he'll post here.

oops sorry forgot my opinion doesn't matter in this community does it.


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sorry i nearly have forgotten. you should google it. something like typing [record' and then after 'STOP' in console. i know im missing a few peices in between the process because its been forever.


The 47 Ronin
open console

record hackername
stop (to stop it, ends at the round)

they are stored in your CSGO folder and can be played from console


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If you look through the private threads, should have access at this point, there are several post's explaining how to create and view them. Cheats are enabled client side to properly view them, not a sever side setting. You want to be able to wirescreen several settings, find what works for you, allows you to see people react to shit they shouldn't be able to see and react to. Need demos to enact a ban, long history of why this is so and that too is in the private forums to some degree, we have had many websites over the years and some of the oldest material has been lost.