about 47R gear and appearal.

I posted this up a while ago, I was actually making designs for t-shirts through photoshop cs5 but didn't get many responses. My wife does custom clothing (she has an expensive ass embroidery machine and sewing machine) so if you want, I can definitely do this, she is actually doing a lot of work for her business (she's a bartender at a restaurant, yeah, hittin a bartender) making custom work shirts with names and designs and also aprons. So let me know guys, if you're serious about it post up a yes and if we get enough people and maybe a 2 dollar donation for threads I can get this on a roll. But I don't want too this and then no one buys a shirt. cause then I would have a lot of 47R shirts to wear. lol. If you can post up a cool design you guys have or found on the internet. best ones are in jpeg or a photoshop file. 2 dollars for a t-shirt is not bad if it's custom with your name (gaming name or real one or both shit have a field day) and some cool design. like chuck norris wearing a ban around his cowboy hat with 47R on it or something. classic.


The 47 Ronin

Wow thats actually caught me off guard i was like wtf is that white shirt XD

Lol Cap yes mine wont be that small :p