A very interesting post about CS:S.

I cant even begin to say how right this guy is, the hit box is f*cked up so badly and bullets spray everywhere! Its nice to see proof and know that Its not just me and im not going insane.


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This just show how much Valve cares about CS:S and the true Counter Strike fans.
CS 1.6 guys are laughing at us.

Good thing they left that game alone.


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I agree with all points made here especially the one with dieing behind the walls. I also agree with Haze seeing as how there is a new Counter Strike game in development.
Yeah that's a great sum up. I really really hate when i die around the corner. Pure frustration radiates from me. also they really need to fix the map bug where t's show as ct and ct's show as t's.... extremely difficult to have map awareness at times. i agree aith the previous statement about keeping smgs dmg the same.
A game that has been out this long shouldn't have so many major issues.. ridiculous.. I agree w/ haze and s-dawg.. the game has been out for too long and aren't making money from it anymore.. so on to the next one! I don't plan on wasting money on CS:GO though as I didn't really like CS:S anyways compared to 1.6.


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On the second vid of the shots being off... not to say that they are or are not but on the second spray and wait then head shot he changes weapons prior to shooting his last shot... anyone else notice this... this a thought.


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The thing I don't get is why Valve seems to think the things they change need to be fucked with at all? When CSS was first released it was... polished and a big step for me from 1.6. Now, CSS is honestly going down the shitter further with each and every update. Valve keeps fucking around with shit that ain't broke or adding shit their own client base couldn't give two shits about. Trouble is, Valve is losing focus on both who their clients are and what the hell got them to the top in the first place.