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A very interesting post about CS:S.


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This post totally sums up CS:S.

Hi, firstly I will start off by informing people of who I am, my experience within the game and anything else just as a small introduction.

I am 21 years old and I have been playing CS: Source since day one it was released. I am an ex-professional gamer who played for London MiNT, 4Kings etc.. Currently playing for Fragmasters Toxic one of the top5 European Teams in CS: Source.

I am going to address and provide as much proof as possible with the issues Source has right now. There are many. Over the next few days I will be providing some video footage with the help of choong, another CS:S player.. Lets not turn this into a 1.6/CS:S debate either, I love both games, more-so 1.6 but I understand this is Source and I liked the old Source.

Ok, firstly the interpolation bug is still there, after years. But now it is worse. Ever get the feeling that you are being shot before you get a chance to react? I know this bug exists because everyone talks about it. Simple as that. There is many videos of this floating around - most of them old, so I'll get around to making a new one asap. But it is a fact that bug exists and to be quite frank, I think it should have always been the number 1 priority. Back in the old CS:S it was a problem but now it is a bit out of hand.

Secondly, the dieing behind walls bug, we made video clips last time and I still have one here..


Don't give me the rubbish about it waiting for the server to update etc, you can see with both settings the player model is dragged back onto the screen - this doesn't happen in 1.6, and it was very very rare in the old Source if you compare it to now. This kind of thing has stopped players fake peaking awpers as they just get dragged back and once again making an already dominant AWP, even stronger.

Thirdly, the gun rate of fire is different to 1.6 and the old CS:S, code or not, it is not the same and the recoil pattern is disgusting screwed up. Notice now that when you spray your pattern SOMETIMES decides to just fly left and right for no reason? But other times it won't? I will provide proof of this asap also as I have a few demos where it is very clear and its another thing I hear many top players complain about. (See below about more of rate of fire).

Fourth, the servers are not right since they have been 66 ticrate. When CS:S beta was first released it was 100tick servers and the game felt insane. It was great, smooth, registry was a lot better, spray patterns were fine, the recoil was fine all the time.. You can tell me its all the same now but it is not, especially the rate of fire you said you matched it to the 100tick serveers but it definatly isn't. I've downloaded stand-alone CS:S clients and it is much difference. You can also tell from looking at any old CS:S clips on YouTube. The AK especially its very noticeable. The game just chugs now.

One of the other things that needs to be addressed is the 'feel' of the game, it doesn't feel the same anymore and it definatly feels like some sort of CSPROMOD Hybrid that's half updated and quite poor, bullets seem to dissapear, the walls shudder when moving your mouse sidewards into a wall (hard to explain via text, will also make a video of this!).

I have tested all these things in a LAN enviroment on professionally set up CS:S servers, with windows 7, windows xp, 120 hz monitors, crt & lcd, 75 hz, capped fps, uncapped fps, everything you can think of. When it comes to how my game feels I can be as you say maybe "OCD" and I notice a lot of things when they are wrong.

Another issue I have noticed the crosshairs the way they open/close changed drastically (ignoring the legacy commands) I'm talking the old crosshair's here. They just don't close correctly and I believe the fix for that would be to match the 1.6 Crosshairs.

Over the past year we've had many useless updates, not very well thought out updates and for example the de_inferno update was quite bad in some aspects.

It has also now been months that I provided proof of the bullets acting weird after a spray, video below:


This _IS_ fixed in the CSS beta but it hasn't been updated and it's been in the beta for months? Why can't they just update that ONE bug in the mean time which would be a 5 minute job.. HPE you were brought here to update the game but as others, you've got extremely lazy. I don't want to create this game suited for me at all, I want to help update the game for everyone. If people are blind to see my points and accept the game is ok then they lack braincells. The game is definatly not ok.

I've tried to tone down my attitude compared to my posts last time. But lets be fair, don't just post that the game is fine when everyone that says it is, complains anyway. I will try and provide proof where possible, but sometimes it's just so random.

Ambient Occlusion bug also needs fixing, the smokes though were the only good thing to come from the orangebox update.. I honestly believe the old engine was miles better than this one, all we needed added was multicore option, maybe an attempt at the interpolate fix (it was better then than it is now, so i'd choose the old engine over this one anyday) & the smokes. Map's should be created by the professionals not the HPE developers, or at least listen directly to the majority of the competitive community seeing as it would be BALANCED that way and would suit everyone not just us.

This will probably be pushed aside and many people will jump on the wagon to flame me but I really am not wrong with these things I've mentioned.

I've tried to come across as mature, and constructive & hopefully we can have a serious discussion. I will be posting this in CS:S beta forums also.



Update: **I have had no contact from HPE despite trying to reach them in virtually every single way possible**

I have also now just recorded myself on deathmatch with an AK & M4. I will go through the ticks eventually but for now, I want you guys to watch them (they're not TOO long) one is with an M4 and one with an AK - and if possible could YOU guys point out what you think I would be angry with in the demo's (registration, the way recoil just goes mental for no reason etc).

I am aware my aim is not perfect, no one's is. But I tried to actually make this as legit as possible for you to watch, it is too difficult to purposly try spray and kill someone etc, So I just played normally. I spray more with the M4 to demonstrate how the recoil just all of a sudden is in a normalish pattern then just teleports across my screen and starts pulling at my recoil control, somethihg which never happened in the old Source and definatly doesn't happen in CS 1.6.. The demos were recorded on a stable 20-30 ping on a standard 66 tick deathmatch server, everything I experience in this demo I experience on any server, whether it have 10 people in a match server or 50 in a public server. I had a constant 400+ fps & using lerp 15.2 (cl_interp 0, cl_cmdrate 66, cl_updaterate 66) ~ practically the same as every top css player. The link for the demos are below, please take some time to watch them. Thanks

http://www.mediafire.com/?b9wfak1fkoelqfd - Demo
Everything wrong with Source, fix it! - Steam Users' Forums


I have been trying to get at these points for ohhh so long now,, and also smg damage needs to be upped a bit.. they completely ruined the mp5.


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no grego. if it goes back to the old way, you will think everyone is hacking thing with game settings.


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I agree with all his points. Steam screwed up a lot of things. For sure they nerfed spraying.


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+1 on the dying behind the wall crap... happens to me alot stupid hitbox reacts slower than the actually player movement as well as being shot before seeing a player.

If smgs were to be upped a bit in terms of damage than Valve needs to add just a little more and not too much other wise it wouldnt be the cheap smgs everyone can buy. And certainly dont want to old mp5 back like it was in 1.6... mp5>ak, m4 anytime back than

Also this guy has a very valid point in the bugs Vlave have left untouch for god knows how long -_- they said they'll look into and fix it but never did.

Really curious of how Valve will react to this maybe this will open their eyes and fix some of these old bugs they said they'll fix it


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He also makes points on some of the original developers leaving the project...
I think thats the reason why we are seeing CS:S part of the Orange Box, its because the TF2 devs took over it.
Reason why they removed 100tick too.

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Oh thank goodness! Here I was starting to believe that I just suck. Okay, well maybe I do suck but there is some goofy ass stuff going on in this game. AND, I'm running a shit comp right now. But I ran this comp in the pub back in 2005 and I eventually improved my results. Now, it's just a major bummer to join the pub. I'm stationary around a corner and I'm getting shot through the tunnel as though the bullet is plotting one of several routes it has available to it as long as it's derived from a conical section. Whatever happened to those good old fashioned reliable vectors we had before Valve decided to shift us in and out of the present time phase for better playability. Seriously. I won't build another comp for this game. I just don't get this sort of frustration from my xBox360...I just get carpal tunnel syndrome. :(