This is a serious discusion, if you have nothing intelligent to say then don't respondWell its that day, the one were all of us remember when the towers came down and lives were lost... also my mothers birthday
This day is spoken about to be very strictly a terrible situation and not to be a laughing matter because the US had been directly attacked

All the movies speeches and radio talk about how terrible 911 is got me thinking, well sure this is a horrible day and many people died for no reason but really?! The US makes it seem like one of the worst things in all of mankinds existinse. There have been other tradegeys in the past 30 years and had a death counts that made 911 look like nothing but get no attention that compares to this sinario

What are your guys thoughts on the matter
Be smart
nothing about George W
all comments must wish my mother happy b day


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My morning English high school teacher stopped the class to turn on the TV to tune in on the burning towers while it was happening live. It was unreal.


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I understand that there were other things that happened in the last few years, but this by far was one of the biggest act of "" that ever happened.
Many lives were lost because of this, many innocent lives in several places were lost.

I was in middle school and I also remember what I saw, my teacher like spray's teacher turned on the tv and everything was placed on hold for a week.
i have to admit that 9/11 definitely changed all of our lives. as a history buff, i can also examine your question objectively. there are and have been man-made events in recent history that, in terms of human causalities, far exceed the number of people who died on 9/11. of the top of my head, i can think of places like darfur, sierra leone or rwanda where thousands and millions of people have been killed in the name of ethnic, religious and political reasons. i think for obvious reasons, 9/11 affects us more because it was attack on OUR country. i don't know anyone personally who died that day but i know people who do. the same argument could probably be used about pearl harbor dec 7, 1941. although it was military attack, it was still an unprovoked attack on our country. hence our country responded similarly as our generation did on 9/11. i only wish we could end our war on terror as decisively as we did WWII. however i think the war on terror will be something our generation will have to live with for foreseeable future.