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7 Days To Die Alpha 9 Released just now!


The 47 Ronin
Alpha 9 with Random Worlds is out! | 7 Days to Die

It came out so recently, I can't even update my server yet. I know most people don't play, but still, this is an update fixing a lot of stuff and adding A LOT too. @Fasttrak @Pure3ify may find this update interesting. My favorite thing added is highlighted in green. :p

I only included additions, not fixes and changes, which can be found in the link.


  • Added new game map option ‘Random Gen’ which creates a randomly generated world seed based on the name you give the world. The random world generation includes all biomes, a full random sized central city, random in the wild cities, roads, rivers, lakes and random roadside and wilderness locations. Simply select Random Gen as the Game World and the name you give it will be the seed.
  • Added new sexier data driven ‘M’ map that renders based on where the player has visited with ‘Fog of War’ functionality. The new map shows, current position, cursor position, has waypoint functionality, recenter view to player, track friends on compass, mouse wheel scroll to zoom and left click drag to pan.
  • Added new biome type wasteland hub with custom spawning definition for random gen cities
  • Added overhauled most of the GUI including the new belt, backpack, compass, map, freinds list, character screen, loot container and more as well as new gui functionality and Truetype fonts
  • Added many new locations never before seen that appear only in the randomly generated worlds including, city blocks, movie theaters, several apartment buildings, parking garages, parking lots, new destroyed buildings and giant sewer holes.
  • Added a Debuff system for sprained, and broken legs that work with a new craftable splint that accelerates the healing time. Legs can also be re-injured more easily while on the mend and the more severe the injury the longer the recovery time.
  • Added Dysentery Debuff contracted from drinking river or murky water. Dysentery is cured by drinking goldenrod tea or taking antibiotics.
  • Added new stunned concussion debuff which slows the player down for a few seconds and has a chance to happen with zombie hits.
  • Added soft shadows to moon and sunlight
  • Added Simple drowning Debuff system that detects when the player is underwater and displays the icon. Going above water removes the icon. staying underwater for too long causes drowning pain damage and drowning death
  • Added Underwater visual effects, sound effects & leaving water effects with refract & screen particle effects
  • Added new tooltip loading screens
  • Added craftable Cloth jacket, pants, shoes, hat and gloves
  • Added cotton, cotton growing and cloth recipes from cotton
  • Added new scrap metal frame, ramp recipes and upgrade path for more fort building options
  • Added scrap metal inside corner wedges for scrap metal upgrade path
  • Added outside corners for scrap metal forts
  • Added recipe for scrap metal inside corner frames
  • Added Apartment building, Parking Garage, Movie Theater and new destroyed buildings to Navezgane Gravestown
  • Added eat glass for suicide option
  • Added empty jars added to inventory when using water, coffee, murky water, yucca juice, and goldenrod tea
  • Added recipe for adobe tan made from sand or sandstone and cement
  • Added paper to trash loot
  • Added cabinet filler pieces and cabinet top plate blocks for counters replacing some of the cabinet loot in the world
  • Added green plaster wallpaper full blocks
  • Added, blood bags, blood draw kits and first aid kits to the world. First aid kits heal 50 hit points immediately plus an additional 50 over 10 seconds. It is made from a bandage, grain alcohol, and a blood bag. Blood draw kits can be reused to make blood bags.
  • Added “gunpowder charge” item & recipe which is made of 9 gunpowder
  • Added inside corner wedge and wedged corner for oldwood for attics
  • Added seeds to garbage and backpack loot
  • Added icons for leg splint, blood bag, blood draw kit, first aid kit, gun powder charge\bottle, cloth hat, cloth pants, cloth jacket, cloth shoes and cloth gloves.
  • Added slowed movement speed in sand, water and web for player and entities
  • Added weapon parts to loot lists, reduced chance of finding complete weapons
  • Added a new water biome sound loop plays on rivers in random gen only
  • Added Reduced damage from crawling zombies but gave them a chance give the player a sprained leg
  • Added new blocks creme wall with backsplash block, wood floor with drywall ceiling block
  • Added city street painted lines
  • Added random rotation to loot on roads
  • Added Player placed dirt now grows grass
  • Added bookcase blocks, textures and recipes to craft them and bookcase loot containers to the world
  • Added updated english.txt random gen description and new items
  • Added MovementState to hornet controller to stop error msgs
  • Added a few pigs to pine forest biome
  • Added smell debuff code support and buff note: smell blips still show up on the main map
  • Added upgradable inside and outside wood corners useful for building mitered roof corners
  • Added scrap Lead to garbage loot
  • Added recipes for wooden inside and outside corners


The 47 Ronin
I cant wait to get my computer back from Geek Squad! As soon as its fixed i will be online playing! It all sounds exciting. Especially randomly generated maps, and new places!


Staff member
Holy cow!! That is one massive update. Curious what they fixed but too lazy to bother.

Get this sucker updated, doob!

I like the fog of war for the map is pretty cool, keeps you seeking fresher ground.


The 47 Ronin
I ended up cancelling my killing floor, teamspeak 3 and 7 days to die server with gameservers becasue of their lack of support for the new update. I did get a new, updated server, which I will post the info to soon. I'm starting fresh once again and without cheats.


The 47 Ronin
Are you guys still playing this and on any certain servers? I have a friend who's talking me into trying it out. :)


The 47 Ronin
I don't really play it anymore. In most servers, you can press "Z" I believe and it opens up a cheat menu with all in-game items.

That update actually made the game less fun for me. I learned the original map and where everything was. With the update came random worlds and it's just endless layers of the few different types of environment and lack of looting fun except the huge town area where all players will flock to. I do have the the game installed and I'm sure they've updated it since I last played. I may give it a whirl again.

How many times have you died so far @A-Rich ? haha You learn to survive for a long time, but not after dying a lot at first.


The 47 Ronin
I think I died about 5 times in the first 5 minutes. ha So lost. I've never played any minecraft type of game before so while I'm looking at a billion menu choices, I'm getting eaten. :p Kinda force you to try to learn fast, but I think this game's gonna stress me out. ha


The 47 Ronin
I like the stress it brings. You'll find somewhere safe at night and accidentally fall off a ledge and then start freaking out as zombies start sprinting after you hah. Or when they dig under you when youre in a hole on a mountain... It seems they never stop attacking wherever you are.

I may have to play tonight!