47r's Dubstep Hit List

haha i like how the second video has his real name in the title. anyway yeah you can never go wrong with some skrillex.

just a side note. i think its funny when im lazy but i wanna hear a good drop ill skip to around :50 seconds in to a majority of dubstep songs and the first drop is either right at or around that time.
Skrillex is the shit period!
but who says that we can't use a little drum n bass
yea im not too big of a fan of skrillex anymore.
this song is dope as fuck.

its that kind of song you would want to hear at a rave and just go dumb to. and if your on drugs, be on the peak of them haha. its the song you remember the whole night as the next morning xD.


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The 47 Ronin
hey its zeds dead! i rmbr back when they first released white satin. it became like one of my favorite songs. still like it to this day but i never really got into any of their other tracks..


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The 47 Ronin
just listen to the whole thing. funny story. the middle part actually got kinda creepy with the texting, calling and knocking lol.