47r's Dubstep Hit List

yea the song I posted is probably my favorite dubstep song right now, its soo filthy... but Im not the kind of person that just likes a song for filthyness, its filthy, bouncy and catchy as hell. and the bass samples he uses are fucking awesome sounding.
o_O what is her name lol. IM GONNA SPIT GAME! >:O
not really... no game spitting just being a friendly guy who in hopes she will think im attractive so I can MAYBE recieve her nudes...


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lol good luck. shes actually in a band called 'Porcelain and the Tramps'
her name is Alaina Beaton apparently.

i jus love her in those 2 specific pictures really. and this one.



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its okay. the nudies wouldve been awesome but we'll jus have to settle for staring at those 3 pics i posted hahaha.

and we should totally start a thread of hotties in gas masks luls