47r's Dubstep Hit List

All i've been listening to is Skrillex for ever...went ot his concert couple weeks ago...Fuckin dope...heres a clip from it...

Theres a difference in the music from listening to it on your computer/headphones or even car with a sub compared to a actual concert. nothing compares to a concert or club just blasting it.

Went to the afterparty where him and 12planet were litereally 5 feet away just mixin some NASTY as shit...wish i could get what they did at the after party.

Hers the concert i went to in seattle SO SICK .

Dubs been around for a LONG time...but been gettin big in cali...

Who ever said skrillex sucks thats your opinion and i know theres better out there. People think lil waynes good but i think he's a sell out and i know for a fact a million people would say im wrong...

and I've djed still have my digital tables as well as my technics still love my vinyl :) but yeah Tortilla your right....i know cali it went pretty mainstream but up here its not so much....
my real life buddy started making some shit. idk if you guys have heard the original dev-booty bounce, but hes a fucking god for making any part of that piece of shit song into something amazing.
drop is around 45 seconds I think.
this shit is super rediculous if you have super bassy speakers.


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The 47 Ronin
thats pretty cool grego. hopefully he comes up.
well heres more 'interesting' stuff:

i know im not the only one subscribed to UKF dub and dnb..