47r's Dubstep Hit List

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Song: Got 2 Know
Artist: Flux Pavilion

My fave artists:
Flux Pavillion, Datsik, Excision, Nero, Rusko, Borgore, Skrillex(kinda electro i know.)

Whats yours?
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Lol skrillex is kinda wack. (I'm a dj by the way) I listen to plenty of Electronic music. I have to play what people like also. I'm trying to get some vinyl turntables so I can dj more hip hop and rap.

Anyways all the artists you posted I have many songs and listen to lol.

My list of dubstep would go on and on and on.

Heres a great video of a newer flux song

dubstep just basically got big in cali a year ago lol.. I know your super against it tort.
but bass cannon is played way too often lol.
I was spinning [and producing] this stuff years ago... There's basically nothing about the stuff that comes out now that resembles what what dubstep started out as... except the tempo.
Now it's just about catchy basslines made in NI Massive and wahwahwah vowel filters with some stupid ass vocal sample that's chopped and screwed.

there used to be dub elements that were played with half stepped garage and drum and bass breaks... it was darker, moodier, and heavier. Now it's just like any other shake-yer-booty dance music. I honestly don't see what the big deal is anymore.

Don't get me wrong, there's some great tracks out there... some of them nasty as fuck... but 99.9% of it is rehashed BS.
LOL. Funny. TT you are right it has been around for years now. Its been big you kids just never listened to it. Mary Ann Hobbs is one of the first dubstep djs/producers. I saw her at my first electro show.

I prefer spinning Fidget House and Electro more than Dubstep.Dubstep is way mainstream now.
well it didnt hit Cali hard till about last year. And yea i love elctro house and other music too. just lovee dubstep as well!

On a sidenote:

Song: Delicious
Artist: Borgore