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Here's my baby. 1995 Chevy S-10 SS, 4.3l V6, lowered 3 inches, Air dam, Billet Grille, Dual Exhaust, 6-Speaker Alpine SD w/ Comp 10 Kicker and Sony Head unit and a little bit of custom dash work. Painted all the dash components silver to match the color. Some day she will have a 350 under that hood, but for now, she does just fine! =p
I cracked the front left side of my dam due to the crappy snow and my enormous curb in front of my old house. Easy fix though...=\
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Thanks TK I appreciate it. I take good care of her to go unnoticed.
Hey Fuzion, are you buying the next gen. Mustang? Will be lighter and better mileage. Will have aluminum panels and steel at critical areas. I'm debating if I should get the 2013 (the last of current gen) or wait for the next. I really like the 5.0 and current styling.