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He already yanked it out. It's all blue and shit. Just a sweet looking car. GEEEEEORRRGE!??!?!? :)

Cup's and Kyu's 240's are pretty sweet.
Wonder why he yanked it?? It was one hell of a project car and one of those things you only get a couple chances at in a lifetime. Oh well, hopefully he tosses it back up, I surely appreciated what it stood for, even if it wasn't perfect as I think he had some troubles with keeping it running.

noo, I had trouble keeping the temp down with the turbos and the hp. Plus of all the modifications I forgot to switch the puny v6 back end too a v8 and blew the back end out of the car doing a burnout. Anyways, still running and showing it off.

new equipment including my kicker warhorse 10000 watt amplifier. woot.

car clean without the engine mod and only the airbags.

with the mods and the 750 hp v8.


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Nice George, glad you posted it back up, it is a proper American Muscle presentation.

Hunter, we will work on your troubled vehicle situation later.

Hell yeah George! Believe me, if I could have afforded it at the time, I'd have bought one of the new Camaros... that's my dream car. Too bad the one I want will cost around 37k when all is said and done.. time for me to get a better job =p


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I usually despise mustangs but there are a few exceptions, and this is one... because you actually bought a GT, at least.
I will buy the 5.0 before the next gen. Probably the last v8. The 2011 was tested slightly faster than a $70k M3 on the 1/4mi test. My last car was a '98 z28 LS1. The current SS camaro is heavier than the 5.0 by 200lbs. I go for lighter one and cheaper one.