47Ronin Cars!

You guys need me there! I have a white coupe with sunroof LOL.

Holy hell cup! That's a lot of camber lol, what size wheels are you running up front? Do you have modded knuckles or something?
Yeah, I actually have a picture of them. What pushes them out so far (without spacers....I'm not running any spacers), is the lower control arms have been modified. They are even longer than the S14 lower control arms.

My buddy Shane does them. He gets the lower control arms, cuts them, and then adds a section....thus making them way longer.


The 47 Ronin
Right before I decided to part it out due to a rod knock on the sr.


Then I picked this up just because I miss my old s2000. I'm glad I did. Newer cars feel so much better but I have another s14 as a side thing.