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Yeah, due to the crazy Missouri snow fall and my old house having huge curbs, the front end didn't fare to well. But, it's an easy fix, just gotta find the time.
Lol like every other e36...I wanted to go with a different double lip combo...results are the same look as a m3 bumper but something different in my bmw community... just been a bitch to find the lip


The 47 Ronin
Hey Fuzion, are you buying the next gen. Mustang? Will be lighter and better mileage. Will have aluminum panels and steel at critical areas. I'm debating if I should get the 2013 (the last of current gen) or wait for the next. I really like the 5.0 and current styling.
No, I'm actually doing the opposite, I'm selling mine. buying a cheap-o, getting my college degree, and once I get my job, I'll re-buy a newer mustang, probley a 2015. I didn't know they were doing aluminum panels and steel where critical, that's smart.