47R video!! HAHAHA


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Dam dude the whole gang is into CSS XD thats pretty cool wish my friends and family were like that >.>
Yeah Ghonz! There were lots of good players. I don't know what happened to them. The Inaccurates (Spray, Shot, Hunter, ...) used to play a lot more. This was like 4 - 5 years ago. The server had Mani Admin and had betting.


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Damn, these were good times! I wasn't even under PhoKYU yet. I was still going by xcekutn at the time. I miss KANG too. Someone tell him the frat is getting back together LOL
Kang always used to come up with silly names: Kang Fu, Wu Tang Kang, ... That guy used to pwn. I don't know if that was before he lost his pinky though <grin>. He retired from CS:S.


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Lol Q get hold of Kang and Tony man we need those two Asians back!

Dam this was really old vid XD

@Tuc0 Nah Kang was still good without his pinky I remember playing with him 2-3years ago before he "retired" He just lazy to fix his comp thats been lying around in his house XD

el jorge loco

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Lol, midget USED to own being the operative word. But this is really a throw-back, even though I only recently joined the squad+pub. March/April 2010? Anyways,this is what you guys were doing when you were smacking me around like a chew toy. For shame!


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Oy! SG used to coach me and scold me for me being a stoopid noob: "don't peek", "don't go there", "don't block", ... and other "don'ts".

Oh yeah, "Menga", "Kelly Hu", "Swift Owl (still see him play here though)", and lots and lots of "Panda's"...