47R - Username Origins

Why is your steam name what it is? Did it come from somewhere or was it just pure randomness? Explain yourselves!

I will start!

Name: Cpl.S0Ap
Why: I always swear a lot so this one day my ceramics teacher threatened to put soap in my mouth (a christmas story reference) if i didnt stop cussing so since then some people call me soap. Hence the name. The cpl is a tribute to the soap from the modern warfare series. Also my favorite movie is Fight Club so it all fits together perfectly!
Name: Sain†
Why: Among my friends they always have given me grief cause I tend to always follow the rules, dont get into trouble etc... hence they call me the saint. I am facinated with spirituality and the idea of righteous warriors defeating gods enemies. Armegedon type stuff but I like it.
I think Hamburglar allready made this thread but I will tell yah again. In 07-09 there was a Halo 3 Machinima called Pre game loby. One of the characters was called Commander Molander who was cocky and won by trash talking, I trash talk my friends but never online cuz that gets you no where so I took tat name and its been good to me ever since. Before I was ecko449


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This thread was already started as I remember.... but anyways. Nutbutter as in the butter that will build on your nuts while in the field going thru swamps and not being able to take a shower for weeks or months on end tends to have a slight acmulitation that may resemble butter if you check... hopefuly this enlightens you or makes your puke on yourself either way has an impact.... LOL :o_O:
The main name I use is "[JDM] TypeZero" in just about every online game and forum.

"Cup Full of LOL" was a name I used ONLY in the 47R server about two years ago.....just a random name I came up with one day. But what had happened was, people started calling me "cup" everytime I entered the server, so that name stuck. I tried to change it back a few times to TypeZero, but people would still call me cup......so I gave up haha.


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When I first started cs 1.6 my name was "an overheating ak47", but my friend kept making fun of how I always spray my entire clip and never aim or burst so I changed my name to "an inaccurate spray". Eventually, I graduated to just Spray and it stuck. lulz
lol lots of good info. didnt realize hamburglar had a simliar thread nor do i know where it is but i wont mind if this thread is closed and we just move our discussion to his!
I made a comic book hero in 8th grade US history class, he was a captain, with a rectangle for a hat. I wasn't creative so I made Cap the 2nd part of his name. I started playing CSS in 9th grade and saw my old comic book (I think I managed to do 2 pages only :( but meh) and went with that.