47R Pubbers & Members Meet Up August 13th


The 47 Ronin
not sure what this socal norcal W/E SIDE OF THAT STATE YOU LIVE ON CRAP
If this meet was a simple 6 hour drive i would have came without a doubt. ( Google map'd it... 2,457 mi, 1 day 15 hours)
other wise this would have taken me 2 full days of driving.. i feel bad that the turnout didn't go as well as planned.
i really hope i get to make it to one of these.


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lol jorge - no strats... i just shoot everything that moves (stupid hosties!) hahaha to be fair, you beat me in the terminator salvation game, too ;)

civil - great pics - check out that air hockey score! (6 to 0!) i even turned around and played with the wrong side of the paddle to give jorge a break haha

btw, it was just the 6 of us, but i had a great time. civil, as always, was smooth as silk (and way generous with the dinner bill, i tip my hat to you sir), sex8 is a calm, cool and collected gentleman and his lovely wife and son were a fine addition to the chill atmosphere of the eve. jorge's got great stories, a great giggle (lol irl) and is a great guy

all around, 4 stars. lookin' forward to the next one :cool:

el jorge loco

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I'd like to point out that even with that handicap @ air hockey, I managed to score on myself when he did that ahaha. It ended being 1-6 at the end though.

Also w/ Terminator Salvation, I just went full auto and went for headshots and they wouldn't go down.

@ Civil = I think his kid's name was Blane

el jorge loco

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No one ever does ahaha.

By the way, I'm sorry I didn't send you that tour info earlier, and I was hoping you'd get it by the time I sent it the following day. And if not, there's always next time!