47R Pubbers & Members Meet Up August 13th

Aww, a bit too far away. Sounds like a lot of fun though. Maybe next time in Sac? Instead of hanging out though, maybe there should be a royal rumble or fight to the death where we can take our bottled up aggression out on the people who most deserve it.
I'd love to be there but I have friends in town till the Sunday after the meet. The funny thing is, these are friends from No-Cal whom we normally would GO UP NORTH to visit but they came down this time. I hope you guys have a great time and I wish i could be there this time.



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fyi, i'll be there, but probably only long enough for dinner and some convo - the wife's also out that night and i don't like leaving my kiddos home alone too late at night

el jorge loco

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You can bring the kids you know? I promise not to be pervy to your daughter hahaha.

Minors can be brought in so long as they are accompanied by someone 25+