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View attachment 12771 Also, you remember moth2 who was banned quite often, like every time he changed his name? He was on the forums for a bit and posted this screen shot which I think is the oldest I've seen. Were @A-Rich , enon, benson and cup not yet part of 47R? And how long as space been in the squad?! And what the hell happened to stye?! haha
I'm guessing that was around 2008-2009.
I was searching for screencaps before replying, found some even older, but will have to review again. I was really hoping to find a shot of Tony Montana hiding in Office paper room, but naturally I can't find any evidence of the Man of Mystery.
CSS_groupshot.JPG CSS_Portrait.JPG CSS_vanpile.JPG Will have to find some with names listed.
Now that I think about that van, have we ever packed it with No Block? We had a limit of only a few before. :p


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LOL thanks Rich!!!
Inaccurates <==== We didn't even aim but the bullets hit the heads Inaccurately :)


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NNY i see every rare once, burm disapeared, civil retired, and i haven't seen mackatoni in forever either. oh yiss the glory days, think il hop on again tonight


The 47 Ronin
Lol Rich dam too bad Tony was always the man full of mystery :p

I forgot about Towlie and his rush rush. Man I feel old now LOL