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47R Hall of Fame + Regulars + Stories!


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Let us all remember those magical members and regulars we all wish were still here playing with us in source.

List people you miss and if you want, tell us why and/or a story!

I'll try not to steal a bunch, but there are two 47R members and one regular that very much contributed to me being in 47R and I will explain the stories briefly!

SFG: Met him in a climb server the day I bought Source. He invited me to play in 47R. I still play other games with him often, and he is very good at source. Like, if he started playing again tomorrow, he could be #1 on the server in a week or two.

Enon: Banned me on accident, so I joined the forums and tried to fill out the correct template and didn't know what a steam ID was. He may not have been the best admin, but he was very good with a p90, deagle and scout, with a ridiculous laugh that only one other has come close to, @el jorge loco giggling almost compares. His style of gameplay inspired me quite a lot, with his deagle rushes up mid and getting 4 deag hs's before dying all the time.

Haze: The person who told me to apply to 47R. Like enon, he was very skilled with scout, p90 and in general maybe more well rounded. Haze was very secretive about his actual identity, believe it or not. His real name is Branko, which is badass haha He was the first person I met from 47R in person. last I spoke to him, he was going to school and getting married, which kinda explains his major absence. He's actually living life!


The 47 Ronin
And I personally would love to hear the story of Tuco, Tony Montana and Gary Montana. I played with Gary, but not in a long time. I never played with Tony or Tuco. Also, the Inaccurates in general. A back story for all to know!
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I miss everyone.... been a long time since we all played and had a good night of throwing it down.


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Ok heres a quick one on how I got to join 47r!

I just returned from being stationed oversea's in February 2009 and lived down in new mexico for a while. the best ping I got was SoCal servers, which is how I found 47r. I played on the public server like once or twice, and immediately I asked a guy named @Ace_Ninja who was leader of the 47 Ronin league team (I think @Nutbutter told me to talk to him actually) to try out and I got the spot so I started wearing the 47 Ronin tag on the server.... not a lot of people liked this because I literally played on the server like one time, got on the team the next, and at the time it was verrrry competitive to be on the 47r. A lot of people were private messaging me on steam telling me to take it off and I believe Nut was the one who stuck up for me and told them to shut up and deal with it. I ended up confronting the leader @IcEWoLF about this who told me to kind of be a hybrid about it until I have the time with the team first and to later put up an application. I don't think this ever happened though and I ended up just playing full time on the league and gaining more then enough fame through league.

I miss our competitive league time, and after we got done with matches we would go on the pub servers and scrap up everyone.

However... the most memorable moments of 47r for me.. @Ghonzo




The 47 Ronin

Yeah, I think Dallas made the game super fun. Every time I try to get people to do dumb stuff, it rarely works. But when Dallas told everyone to do something, they actually did it!


The 47 Ronin
Enon must be lurking the forums, cause I shit you not I'm playing in an office server today and all of the sudden it says he's connecting. haha After not seeing him in months, the day after I post this he's in a server with me.