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47 Ronin Bitcoin Mining group


The 47 Ronin
That sounds like a good idea, does this buyer want to buy one more? hehe

Have you thought about getting a 290 by chance? or are u getting the 780 for the g-sync
You just list your 7970 for $400, it will be sold.....:)
I got $800 on my 7970s so I am getting GTX780ti


The 47 Ronin
Its not worth it, may sound appealing but if more than half us don't know how it works ( including me ), its not going to work out.

Its like buying stocks blindly and expecting them to go up. There has to be a lot of things involved. Sure you might say we just lose money on electricity, but most of us here built a computer to game and have fun.

I'm not against the idea or anything, but I don't think most of us really know what they might get into. I have a friend who's been trying to this and well, lets just say he's lost a lot of money. Someone didn't even pay him when he sold his mined up Bitcoins.

Again just my 2 cents, don't mean to discourage or offend anyone.


The 47 Ronin
Almost 4 years later...
I'm still almost as clueless regarding Bitcoin. I was scoffing at this imaginary money and now I'm thinking, I gotta get in on this. haha
I've read the mining is almost pointless these days but I'm curious if people who were on this years back had much luck, or at least buying into it now.
I signed up at CoinBase but I haven't purchased any yet.