3rd Ridget

My name is Madhur Singh and I've been playing CS for about 8 years. Over these 8 years my kill ratio is probably .3 and I'll warn you that I am not that great of a player...

I'm currently at SJSU and majoring in Corporate Finance. I work at Staples as a Business Machines Technician (my job is to sell you stuff you don't need).

I play Napoleon: Total War a lot and am addicted to Left4Dead2. Also used to be a heavy WoW player (toon was named Madhur if you wanna look it up).

I'm pretty chill and relaxed. I listen to all types of music (mainly Rock and Metal though you might catch me with Celine Dion or Katy Perry), and love lifting weights. Lastly, I LOVE movies. My favorite ones are LOTR: Return of the King, Gladiator, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, and Saving Private Ryan.

Got any questions just hit me up!
Welcome bro! I've probably been playing cs for as long as you have and I'm not that great either haha. See you in the server some time or maybe the gun game server where I'm usually just knifing :3