3 years ago, drifting an onramp!!


The 47 Ronin
He had an sr20det in there if memory serves me right. It's a turbo 4cyl. Not to burst anyones bubbles but all inline 4 will sound the same. Some people do it to unrestrict backpressure. Some do it because they're morons. I do it because I'm a moron LOL
Cup I have to ask the question, and this isn't me being bi-ast at all. when u say its the engine from a corvette, why do people put after market mufflers on there cars to make it sound ricer'ish when its really not. its a beast of an engine, why not sound like a beast?
That's why I changed my exhaust!! Two dual slanted exits.
Yes, I have a LS1 with a LS6 block in my S13 hatch (from a Corvette). It's not rare at all, in fact, the engine swap I did is common now-a-days. With the after market Daft Innovations or Sikky engine mount kit, it fits in the engine bay like a glove on a hand.
Thats the swap they do to e36s too....beasts...

Yeah, Long Beach, Irwindale, and I went to the Seattle one in 2009 because Ross Petty invited me to go, free plane ticket and hotel.
do you remember where the one in seattl was? If you come out here again im definantly meeting up.