3 years ago, drifting an onramp!!

I suck at it, I don't know if my camaro has too much horsepower or I just suck but everytime I attempt to start I turn the wheel and attempt to give it a "little" gas to get the drift started but I always end up doing a 180. doesn't help that a tap of my gas pedal unleashes a beastly 730 hp.


The 47 Ronin
Cup I have to ask the question, and this isn't me being bi-ast at all. when u say its the engine from a corvette, why do people put after market mufflers on there cars to make it sound ricer'ish when its really not. its a beast of an engine, why not sound like a beast?


I think that video was before he put the ls motor in it. I'm sure it sounds a lot different now. Theres a red 240 here in phx with an ls1 as well, and that thing sounds beastly with a cam.