25% off BF3


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So I didn't realize this but Its a good thing I registered for Origin a couple weeks back, if anybody has a birthday coming up soon, wait for it, then buy BF3, I just got a 25% off promo code for my next purchase in origin, im using it to buy BF3, and its only 44.99$! :cool: STEALLL

EDIT:::: Change your birthday to whatever day is the next day in origin that u read this, and you'll get a 25% off discount coupon from origin on your next purchase

Ice your a genius.


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Damn, I wish I could have gotten the discount, I suppose changing your B-Day will get you the discount immediately :)


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Okay, So I found out that there is no way to change your birthday in Origin. They use it as a security question in case your account gets hijacked. I made a new Origin account and set my birthday to the 10th of this month, so hopefully I will get 25% code. I'll keep you guys updated.