2016-2017 NFL season


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alright so we all know seahawks are going too the superbowl and russel Wilson will be mvp, but here are my other predictions

-cowboys will be a force to be reckoned with, with rookie dak Prescott at the helm,they'll do good and when romo isn't injured anymore there will be controversy (as much as I hate the cowboys)

-sam Bradford will lead the Vikings into the playoffs, and be chip shot away from victory before blair walsh misses a 5 yard go ahead field goal

-kaepernick will either get a chance to start, or traded and revitalize his career

-a lot more players will be sitting during the star spangled banner

-titans take another step forward

-gronkowski suffers a season ending injury during the first 8 games

-Romo becomes the spokesman for vagasil

that's all I got off the top of my head


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cant believe I left the raiders out of my OP..... honestly I think seahawks vs. raiders, or anyone vs raiders in super bowl would be PRIME


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Doug Baldwin is my main man. he played through matt hasselbecks last fruitless season when he was an undrafted rookie. people compared him to victor cruz until hasselbeck got injured...

he stuck with Wilson and seattle the year after on faith even when it was a run heavy offense.... and he went from making 2 mill, to 41 mill. and there was no holdout or public out burst. this guy is my favorite player and always will be. still doing canned food drives up and down the seattle area.

shit he even got punched in the jaw by percy harvin. in my opinion this whole movement is fair and respectfull.