2011 NFL Season Discussion thread!


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ok guys going out there on a limb and I am not a fan of either team but gonna say the teams for super bowl to watch are...................................... Dallas and San Diego. Those are my predictions..... only time will tell but i would put a 100 dollars on Dallas this year or the next for any takers..... I predicted the Cards going 2 years ago with all odds against me! LOL i have reasoning behind Dallas but not SD that is just a hunch. And the bet is for Dallas in the next 2 years not just this year!
Man I'm excited for tomorrow. Green Bay vs the Saints. Should be a great game. Damn presidential speech pushed the kickoff back 90 minutes :(


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LOL, he will be less popular than bush if he keeps messing with football games!

But this should be a decent game, I think the packers will be way too good though. they won it all last year with something like 15 players on IR going into the SB. Kinda scary actually.


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greg jennings better catch me like 3 tds for my fantasy. interested in seeing how theyre gonna use their running backs grant/starks cause i got starks on my bench. bwahaha oh and i love clay matthews hair ;]


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9ers/seahawks this weekend... looking for a repeat of stanford/usc - listen to harbaugh at the beginning of this clip making fun of the USC players bwahahaha


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I think GB is gonna own the Saints this go-round. But overall I hope the Saints take all this year. I loves my 9ers but I also recognize a team in chaos isn't one that's likely to win a lot of games...