2011 NFL Season Discussion thread!


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49ers first preseason game is this coming friday (against the saints!) - i'm so excited for football i could burst!

i'm gonna go with pats/falcons for the bowl... we shall see
im a hardcore Steeler fan for almost 36 yrs, but ill follow niners/raiders/patriots because of my dad/cousins/kids. jets are the team to watch this yr and maybe the niners, if they quit choking. ive seen alot of bald heads over the last 4-5 yrs, thats what my dad and cousins bet on the niner and raider games. great BBQ and then beautiful bald people,well some arent so beautiful to begin with.


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Yep, I've watched the pre-season game + the highlights of the other games.
Very good!
I am impressed how some of the teams looked!
Well I'm hoping for the bears to do something decent this year. But yeah who am I kidding? The only chicago team worse than the bears is the cubs. Ugh chicago sports teams...(hawks don't count anymore, not even close to being the same team)