♔ Princess Jen ♔


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Jenn - i've said it before and i'll say it again, you fuckin' rock! It takes a special kind of thick-skinned lady to brave these testosterone filled waters and survive. If anyone can do it, it's you

Kill ya... I mean, see ya in the pub soon, gurl :cool:
You pervs. No pictures of anything for you jerks! I didn't even realize you could turn what I said into something nasty, gosh! :mad:

@Proxy, I LOVE ALL THE MIYAZAKI FILMS! So, yes~ I love Totoro and Kiki :)
@Snowman, I love the anime you have listed as well! ESPECIALLY, Hunter D. I have the DVD and I watched it so much it broke T_T
Sweeeettt!!!!!! I agree, they are all amazing films. :)


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Ok so on a serious note jenn. If you can bring up your activity in the 47R pub over the next week and not spend so much time the the v4 server then I say your in as your activity in the forums is good and what we expect of a member. And are you sure you want the constant baggering from all the guys b/c you have a vagina. Most of the females don't last past a few months... r u gonna make it past that. I can't remember a female making it past the 1 year mark due to inactivity or just giving up on the game. Lets see it jenn and your in!
Ok let me know when you do so I can add her to private forums.