♔ Princess Jen ♔

Fuzion, you meant making a sandwich for you right?

Qq, you think you're smooth ay? Haha

Ghonzo, I didn't write css because it asked for games other than css! I follow instructions well :)

Rich, anytime buddy! If only I could kill someone to get a real gun!

Dallas, too bad I don't have boobs so that couldn't be the reason.

Jorge, I forgot to put Maplestory! Omg! My 159 night lord, don't hate :)

el jorge loco

Staff member
My sister still plays it. I have no idea what she is. She got me playing for awhile then I was like: This is lame. But at least I didn't pay for it like some WoW players hahahaha

Also Fuzion, if you did mean making a sandwich, it'll probably be used with spoiled and rotten ingredients. Look for green mold!

el jorge loco

Staff member
I think we had an unlisted rule that pre-pubescent kids should not be talking on the mic unless they are being constructive like (they're at A site)