♔ Princess Jen ♔


The 47 Ronin
Jen Jen!! You finally applied!!! YAY!!~

+2 for Jen -1 for forgetting to put CSS as games she plays XD

O god i can imagine her playing L4D2 probably own me in that game :p

Well since no one really said this im gonna say it :p

Welcome to the Forums and the Community!!

Fear not we all know you will make it to the squad as our first female Ronin :p

Ace needs to get Kira to apply now :cool:
You have not been around long enough then to have seen our female clan members before lol and I'm not one of them if you're going to be an asshole LOL. +9999 for Jen!
+1+1+1.... because she's liljenn. it'd be nice to have a bit of girly influence in the clan. and im not talking about Enikxe! LOLOL

btw i saw ace and kira on the server at the same time last night?!?!


The 47 Ronin
+1 for Jen

Hey Jen, thanks for helping me populate the gun game server 2 nights ago. The server's been often sitting at 0 players and it was nice to see it filled with around 12-14 after a while.