♔ Princess Jen ♔

You remind me of my sister's ex-roomate. She plays CS 1.6 religiously and Maplestory hahaha. Broa server!
OMG BROA FTW! What is her IGN? I am in a pro guild in Maplestory HAHA :X

I guess we'll let in anyone these days... haha jk, welcome jen!
<^> you "fucker face" Lol.

Congrats!! Welcome. I play words with friends also. My name is skidmark steve. you should send me a game invite, haha. I'm fuckin addicted as hell
Skidmark, yuck! Haha, ok~ my ign is Teeensy just fyi so you don't think it's a random creeper.

AND LMFAO BUILT! "By day, she was Hello Kitty. By night, she dropped the 'O'." LOVE IT! HAHA <3
Ah! I didn't even know I got accepted till I read Fuzions' FB post because I was so sure I wasn't going to because I haven't been on much. Thanks guys :p

Ice, I am not a piece of meat for you to bait more players! Haha, ok fine... I guess I am~ sorry! :(

Soap, IKR? I just cursed and raged all damn year.

P.S. I <3 my built & dirty old man Nut (most of the time at least).
wow no luv. 8(

congrats, btw