♔ Princess Jen ♔


Name: Princess Jen ♥
Age: 24
Location: Orlando, Florida

In Game nickname/nicknames: liljenn, jenfatale, jennitals
Your favorite hobby: Couch potato-ing, traveling, spending time with good company.
Your favorite movie: Spirited Away
Games you play: L4D2, Magicka, TF2, Words with friends, Aqua Pets!
How many hours a week are you online: Varies with school schedule.
Your previous squad/team: -
Why did you leave your last squad: -
How long have you been playing in our server: That is a good question... perhaps 6 months? IDK! :(
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: Contribute some estrogen into the group, ya dig?
Tell us about you: I can't cook. I like giraffes. I sing in the shower. I can sleep standing up. I sleep with a blankey.


el jorge loco

Staff member
lolz, a girl on the squad? Wasn't the last closest thing to this Kira? :p

Anywho, -9000 for playing MapleStory ahahaha

But +9001 for being the first girl to app!

Also, being Taiwanese helps too :p


The 47 Ronin
well I do kinda retract what I said above.. there weren't really any girls in the Ronin from what I believe.. Sorry jenn... lol. ;)


The 47 Ronin
Jen Jen!! You finally applied!!! YAY!!~

+2 for Jen -1 for forgetting to put CSS as games she plays XD

O god i can imagine her playing L4D2 probably own me in that game :p

Well since no one really said this im gonna say it :p

Welcome to the Forums and the Community!!

Fear not we all know you will make it to the squad as our first female Ronin :p

Ace needs to get Kira to apply now :cool: