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Good luck! You would probably love my driveway since you are obsessed with the color white lol.


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Welcome and +1

Just remember if you go to oregon to hike, stay away from Klamath Falls, unless you want to end up with a crack addicted child.
ohh shnapp. alrightie- I was gunna visit there but I guess not no moree :p
thankies :D

nice app! you got something against public transpo? then again, LA doesn't really have a metro system, and the busses here suck, so no real point in using pub transpo here, lol. Oregon... couldn't breathe when i got there... air was too clean, lol. Nice state if you love nature. Nature and I don't really get along, unless its a mountain full of snow. :p

GL and see you on the server... RUSH!!!! Kamikaze style!!! ...just don't get shot.

lol, are healthy knees a prerequisite to joining? (... cuz you said "wait")
Yuhh, Im korea & japan I would ride it all the time, but here in Los angeles... Euhaikjshdnoakwj
lolool i'll die from the fresh air rite? Cause I'm used to the hella smog lolol
Well, I lovee nature so I'm sure i'll love it hahah

I always rush with you!
then everyone hides behind me and i die D;< I hate rushing with you people );

my knees are good nough to be on the teamm /sniffle
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