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He appeared to be toggling a wallhack or just very cautious about trying to hide it. I recorded a few demos after he wall banged me in a random spot. He plays very oddly and what you could say as being very terribly for most of the round, until he suddenly pre fires everybody. I linked the 2 better demos of the 5. If it makes any difference, i do demo reviews for the professional gaming league National ESL for CoD4. So my eye on this kind of stuff is generally better than most.


A lot of this could be from sound, but his body positioning and constantly avoiding where the enemies are from far away tells otherwise. I will upload the others if needed.


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Its a little suspisous at times... nothing I would say is absolutely a wall. On the second demo would have been nice to have map like there was on the first but on alot of the kills you can hear and get a location on the guys "running" at him.
Also suspicious of him but didn't get demos till later. Nothing conclusive, although my gut says hacker. Watched him pop around corners aiming at ppls heads with knowledge of whereabouts without sound. Again, didnt demo him. ehhh...