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  1. yarr

    Guardian is nutty

    Did you catch this?
  2. yarr

    Switching to AT&T can I get some help picking out a phone?

    So far I think I have decided on the HTC One (m9) but I really want to hear from you guys. what's your input on mobile phones? I also like the Galaxy S6, Note and Nexus'. Please give me a suggestion or input <3
  3. yarr


    Post your Origin identification so that we can add one another and play some Star Wars: Battlefront! The came is in open beta and is an absolute blast! It doesn't cost a damn thing and I would love to see you ladies and gentlebutts in-game! <3 MY ORIGIN USERNAME IS: "yarrCS" add me and let's...
  4. yarr

    In the bay area for a week

    I'd love to meet up with a few of you fools. Reply to this message or if you see me on steam hit me up. <3
  5. yarr

    Willing to Trade/Looking to Buy

    Before I go and purchase a new headset I thought I would come in and ask if anyone here has one they are looking to get rid of. The mic and headphones are messed up on mine. :)
  6. yarr

    ESL Cologne Event at Local Bar (SoCal)

    I'd like to see some of you there!
  7. yarr

    I really want to buy the new Steam Controller and Link check them out

    Steam Hardware Pre-Order
  8. yarr

    Sign up for Hulu w/ my referral code, get 2 weeks free!

    Subscribe to Hulu and use this link. I get 2 weeks free for every person referred. Plus, it gives you some free time as well. I was pleasantly surprised when logging in to Hulu. They have a really good collection of television and movies and a very minimal amount of advertisements/commercials...
  9. yarr

    I remember one of your talking about being a paramedic

    Anyone remember who exactly that was? I'm beginning EMT courses and have a lot of questions. It would be nice to pick your brain whether you are a new EMT, maybe a career paramedic/fireman or even if you have only done the training. Maybe one of you has a friend I could talk to through email or...
  10. yarr

    Electric Sheep Screensaver

    This has been my favorite screensaver since I can't even remember when but it's a great screensaver. What makes it so cool is that even after using it for years, it still shows me new abstract animations I haven't seen before. Every time it boots up I see something new. download | electric sheep
  11. yarr

    GPU Question

    Tonight while playing CS everything was going fine for like an hour of playing and then I started getting these random like spiked models that were a purplish color and then that would happened every 10 or so minutes but reconnecting fixed it. After doing that on and off my computer monitor...
  12. yarr

    Steam Visual Style for Windows 7 & 8

    I thought you guys might appreciate this overhaul of the default windows visual style as much as I do. Take a look and if it's something you might like I can help you through the process. I found a link to the authors Deviant Art upload for the Visual Style as well. Enjoy! Steam VS for...
  13. yarr

    Enon has returned to 47R!

    I'd like to give our good friend and skilled 47R newb slayer a warm welcome and shoutout as he has come back to the servers! Enon is an overall great guy and was definitely missed in his absence! He seems to be having some issues getting CS:GO working for him. Apparently after two or so rounds...
  14. yarr

    Does anyone know what skin this is?

    it looks like a normal usps with a sticker and a stattrak. I would LOVE if the default skins could have stattrak added to them! :D
  15. yarr

    C9 Drops Semphis and ShahZam

    ESEA News - Content - Cloud9 removes ShahZaM, Semphis What are your thoughts and who do you think they should be replaced with?? I would love to see skadoodle and tarik join C9
  16. yarr

    Desperate need of a new video card

    I need to be able to run CS:GO at 150 fps minimum(im averaging 60-65 tops in cs:go and sometime drop this low in cs:s since the serever is so large now but I want to get more, like 250fps close to the max. Does anyone got an extra part for sell? Or maybe know the part I am looking for. I just...
  17. yarr

    CPU Heatsink

    Mines pegs are all busted and the thing itself is bent and I can't get it to work anymore. I'd just buy a new one but are they all universal? I want to make sure it works with my CPU. I know I will need some arctic silver and I guess a new heatsink.
  18. yarr

    Laid off at my work.

    I worked there for over 6 years and they just did a bit of cuts! I think they chopped me because I made more then the people I work with and I'm kind of bummed about it but that job was getting lame and I didn't see myself there much longer anyway! Needless to say I will be a lot more active on...