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    I'm still going in to work. I cant really work from home for it ;/. TBH i think i had it back in January. I had a shitty headache for a while also had a sore throat that was just there but didn't develop a cough. Around the same time I had about 6 coworkers who had Pnumonia at the time and I...
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    What are you playing now?

    Overwatch, apex legends, and kingdom hearts. Streaming my gameplay for the hell of it if anyone wants to say hi. :p
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    CS:S Memories Thread

    Bet t all Bet Ct all his name was robert paulson
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    PINNED photographer's Section.........Stay on topic please.

    Blizzcon 2018 Cosplayer Virtual Brunette
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    NEWS Reporting in!

    i'm hosting it off my computer for now so anyone thats interested in playing on it I PM my IP so far its just Dugger and I, Fuzion says hell join and one of my coworkers who hasnt played since like alpha might join as well
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    NEWS Reporting in!

    I'm looking to set up a minecraft server havent decided if i want to host off my machine or purchase a server
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    OFFICIAL 47R GAME NIGHT! 4/22/18!

    I invited yarr he couldnt make it
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    Who has and hasnt been banned from Destiny 2?

    Who has and hasnt been banned from Destiny 2?
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    RIP civil servant

    fuck this poped up when i looked at todays memories on facebook...
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    E3 2017

    Whos going? Registration is now open to the public btw!
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    Overwatch Highlight Thread

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    Overwatch Highlight Thread

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    Overwatch Highlight Thread

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    Overwatch free weekend!!! GO RONINS GO

    Overwatch is free this weekend take advantage!!! Overwatch is also 40% off!!!
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    Overwatch Highlight Thread

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    Overwatch Highlight Thread

    Not sure if I out played the phara or if she out played herself...
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    Overwatch would look really cool if it had a 3rd person

    Just look at that mercy skin!