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  1. DirtyDugger

    coming back...

    sorry ive been so absent guys.... got out of gaming for a few months except for 1 day a week or so.... but im coming back and should be on the forums more.... missed you all.... so, anybody want to catch me up on what i missed?
  2. DirtyDugger

    socal trip

    Im heading down to socal (santa ana) with a groupd of drunks the 16th and 17th of this month... anyone want to meet up the night of the 16th or the day of the 17th? i wont have a car thou. we are busing down for a Sacramento Republic match vs. the oc blues (republic should be joining the mls in...
  3. DirtyDugger

    windows 7 home premium extra key?

    my buddy (aka "Ew" in css server) just game my gf a repaired/rebuild hp hdx 16 laptop... he buys them cheap broken and fixes them up and gives them to the needy! (my gf's cr-apple just died 6 months ago so shes been stealing computer time when im not on...) Anyways,,,, long story short is has...
  4. DirtyDugger

    possible isp switch...

    hey. im thinking of switching isp's and was wondering if anybody has experinace with comcast... i currently have att and am paying for 18d/l but i only get 1.8 u/p..... i want better upload... comcast offer 50d/l in my area and they say that they offer 10d/l .... but idk... anyways.... just...
  5. DirtyDugger

    Not gonna watch the Olympics

    So yeah, I'm gonna boycott the Winter Olympics this year.... Horrible stories coming out of Russia. Sorry Jorge, I know you have family there, but this is bad... I understand that strays happen, and we kill some too. But the way that they are doing it is horrible and ..... just wow...
  6. DirtyDugger

    our names, explained...

    So with all these post lately about hackers and the Super Bowl, I thought we could use a little more, get to know us postings. That said, my question to all of you, is where did your gamer tag come from? What inspired it and why? I always imagine that VKami's came to him cause he took the...
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  8. DirtyDugger

    BANNED STEAM_0:1:50665220 "Noel"

    In Game Nickname: Noel Date Banned: 2/3/14 STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:50665220 Reason of ban: Aimbot and Wall hacks This is just a post for record. Nutbutter already issued the ban in game, but since I was the one who brought Nut in for the swift justice, I figured there should be some evidance...
  9. DirtyDugger

    Wensday Meetup....

    So I suppose do to my drunken-ness, the cat is out of the bag.... So Wednesday, Jan 29th, El Jorge loco and myself are meeting up at a pub in sf to watch some soccer and grab some food... i think the pubs name is Kaiser Pub in sf..... if you want to come, meet us there.... games start at...
  10. DirtyDugger

    Want to know why i love my soccer team?

    And what Jorge and I are always arguing about?.... this video gives me goose bumps!
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    Well... it looks like i might have a bit of time coming up that ill be on the server all day. Playing basketball tonight with friends at an indoor gym full court, i caught a nice past and turned in for what i thought was an easy lay up, felt what seemed like someone run into my back ankle...
  13. DirtyDugger

    you know what time it is....

    jager bombs!!!!! Tshirt time!!!!
  14. DirtyDugger

    Funny shit.... i want to do this....

    grab 3 of my friends and a gopro and id be set!
  15. DirtyDugger

    amazing ak video....

    this video has some sick underwater ak shots.... in super slow mo..... fun starts about 1:30 in
  16. DirtyDugger

    Best ad ever????

    ok..... i want know what people think the best commercial is..... this first one gets me sooooo pump i could scream.... the seconds just funny as fuck.... (no betty white)
  17. DirtyDugger

    considering a gun...

    Hey guys, defiantly looking for feed back on this one, esp from @Shaun fbody .... Im thinking about getting a first handgun for myself. i don't really care about home protection, but more to go out to the range and fire off rounds every few weeks. I went a year ago for the first time and loved...
  18. DirtyDugger

    lol... al Qaede threatens.... a soccer team

    lol..... best soocer news artical i have read all week... i love gareth bale, but this is just crazy..... com'on terrerists... go home... you are not soccer holligans..
  19. DirtyDugger

    Civ 5 help

    So i just pick up civ 5 gold edition..... (on sale for $12.50, i was gonna post the link but the sale is over) and i love the game, but i have a problem with it now. when i load a saved game and play 2-3 turns, it locks up and crashes.... no error message, nothing... i checked my directx and i...
  20. DirtyDugger

    ronin love.

    just to let you all know, cause im a little drunk... if you all ever want tocome kick it and stay the night in davis, ca.... i have a spair bedrooom now in my new house..... i just like kicking it with friends.... oh i like day drinking too!